Internet and intranet accessible DR Site

You can use this CloudFormation template to build a cloud DR site supporting tiered application deployment. Some servers (e.g. web servers) will be available from the Internet via a public IP while others (e.g. database) only from the corporate network via a VPN.

The template will create a fully functional VPC with 2 production and 2 test subnets (1 subnet per availability zone), IGW, VGW, VPN, routing tables, ACLs, endpoints, etc. You can choose to create a separate set of subnets (public & private) for the testing purposes. In that case, 4 additional subnets will be created. All AWS objects will be tagged as “Druva Failover".

The template also creates an example security group which can be used in the Phoenix DR plan configuration (allows SSH and RDP access).

Create a separate VPC using the AWS proxy VPC template if you would like to create the separation between Druva AWS proxy and the DR site (for security reasons).

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