Internet only DR Site

You can use this CloudFormation template to build a cloud DR site which will be accessible only via the Internet.

The template will create a fully functional VPC with 2 production and 2 test subnets (1 subnet per availability zone), IGW, routing tables, ACLs, etc. You can choose a separate VPC for the testing purposes. In that case, 2 identical VPCs will be created with the production and test subnets.

All AWS objects will be tagged as “Druva Failover” for 1 VPC, and “Druva Prod failover”/“Druva Test failover” for 2 VPCs. The template also creates an example security group which can be used in the Phoenix DR plan configuration (allows SSh and RDP access).

Create a separate VPC using the AWS proxy VPC template if you would like to create the separation between Druva AWS proxy and the DR site (for security reasons).

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