Managing Users and Devices
12 Min
This video shows how to manage users and manually activate devices within inSync
Device Backup with inSync
11 Min
This video shows how to backup devices, their configuration and various user...
Introduction to Profiles
11 Min
This video introduces the key component of inSync - a profile. It gives an...
Microsoft Outlook Backup
7 Min
This video demonstrates the difference between MAPI and non-MAPI backup of...
Introduction to inSync
3 Min
Learn how Druva inSync can manage data availability and governance across...
inSync Quick Start
10 Min
This 10 minutes video shows how to configure newly created inSync cloud for...
Restoring Backup Data with inSync
7 Min
This video shows how to restore or download data from inSync backup.
inSync End User Guide
10 Min
This guide contains instructions on how you can use the inSync client to backup...
Introduction to the inSync Admin Console
11 Min
This video provides an overview of the inSync administrative console.
Best Practices for inSync Backup Policies
11 Min
This video presents best practices for configuring inSync backup profiles based...
Common inSync Administrative Tasks
14 Min
This video demonstrates the common tasks performed by an inSync administrator:...
Deleting Users and Devices
6 Min
This video helps to understand how the user accounts and devices are deleted in...