Phoenix Administrator Training

AudienceAdministrators who will configure Phoenix in their organizations

DurationTwo Days

FormatInstructor-led online training

MethodologyExtensive hands on exercises using Druva Training Cloud Lab


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About Our Instructors

All Druva University instructors have 10 years and more experience in high technology. Each class is conducted by an instructor with deep knowledge in Druva products and a passion to support your training need.

We encourage Druva University participants to remain in touch with your instructor for any follow up question or knowledge resource.

Course Summary

Module 1: Introduction to Druva Phoenix

  • Druva’s converged data protection
  • Druva Phoenix cloud architecture
  • Druva’s security model

Module 2: Getting Started with Phoenix Administration

  • Phoenix backup architecture
  • Workloads supported by Phoenix
  • Training lab infrastructure

Module 3: Backup with Phoenix

  • Backup and retention policies
  • Server groups
  • Configuring a server for backup
  • Activation tokens
  • Backup and restore file server data
  • Different types of backup jobs

Module 4: Managing an Organization

  • Organizational dashboard
  • Alerts and reports
  • Cloud storage statistics

Module 5: MS SQL Database Backup

  • Backup and restore options for an MS SQL database
  • Registering, Installing, and Activating a Phoenix agent on MS SQL server
  • Configuring an MS SQL server for database backup
  • Restoring an MS SQL database:
    • Snapshot restore
    • Point-in-time restore
    • Transaction Mark restore
  • Combining database and file server backup policies

Module 6: VMware Environment Backup

  • VMware infrastructure components
  • Changed block tracking and quiescing concepts
  • Phoenix backup proxy role and resource sizing
  • Deploying and activating Phoenix backup proxy for a standalone ESXi
  • Configuring VMs for backup
  • Restoring full VM and selected files from a VM
  • Deploying and activating Phoenix backup proxy in vCenter managed infrastructure
  • Optimizing backup based on geographical location
  • Restoring a VM to a different ESXi host

Module 7: Managing Phoenix Cloud

  • Organization role in Phoenix
  • Deduplication statistics
  • Phoenix administrative roles:
    • Cloud Administrator
    • Organization Administrator
    • Group Administrator

Module 8: Phoenix Cloud Cache

  • Function of CloudCache Server
  • Installing and registering a CloudCache server
  • Mapping servers to a CloudCache server

Module 9: Disaster Recovery

  • Overview of Phoenix DRaaS functionality
  • Configuring DR for VMs backed up with Phoenix

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