Techie Tuesdays

Backup & Archival for Windows/Linux Servers

  • Administrators responsible for data or server backup
  • 9-10 AM | Tue, June 6 PST

Backup & Archival for Windows/Linux Servers

Intro to Phoenix: Modernize Backup & Recovery for Servers

  • Administrators responsible for data or server backup
  • 10 AM | Wed, June 21 PST

Insights for Impact quarterly customer webinar series

Best Practices for VMware Backup

  • Administrators responsible for data or server backup
  • 9-10 AM | Tue, June 27 PST

Best Practices for VMware Backup

Phoenix: Backup Proxy for a Standalone ESXi

This video demonstrates how to deploy and configure Druva backup proxy for a standalone ESXi host.

Phoenix: Location Optimized VMware Backup

This video demonstrates how to configure Druva Phoenix to back up VMware VMs to the closest storage location.

inSync: End User Training

This recording helps inSync end users to understand inSync interface. It discusses both inSync desktop client as well as web interface.

Introduction to Druva Phoenix: Modernize Backup & Recovery for Servers

During this webinar, we will demonstrate how Druva Phoenix can ease the burdens and costs that come with managing on-premises hardware and infrastructure.

Druva Product Update: Detect & Respond Quickly to Ransomware & Data Security Risks

During this webcast, our team demonstrates how Druva is evolving to help your organization address threats like ransomware using new tools like Anomaly Detection to ensure complete protection, from detection to recovery..

inSync: User Onboarding & Offboarding

This 25 minute webinar explains inSync onboarding and offboarding options. It discusses full automation available for AD/LDAP environments as well as semi-automated methods.

Phoenix: Technical Overview of Druva Phoenix

This 45 minute webinar helps to understand how Druva Phoenix protects physical and virtual server environments. The presenter describes the features and benefits of the Druva Phoenix cloud architecture and demonstrates an example backup configuration. He also explains how to interpret cloud storage consumption metrics.

inSync: Collaborate using inSync Share

This 50 minute webinar focuses on sharing functionality of inSync. Presenter explains the purpose of inSync Share and the concept of Workspaces. He also performs basic configuration of inSync Share.

inSync: Alert Management

This webinar describes backup problems requiring alert tracking and alert types available in inSync. The presenter demonstrates configurable options for alerts, including customization options for messages & schedules.

inSync: How to protect Office 365 data

This webinar explains the need for Office 365 data backup.  It shows how to connect inSync cloud with Office 365 and how to backup and restore Office 365 data.

inSync: Efficiently Download ESI for eDiscovery Processing and Review

This 45 minute webinar focuses on how to export data from inSync for eDiscovery processing and review. It explains inSync Direct Download feature, how to track download progress and effectively use metadata attributes.

inSync: Best Practices For Backup Policy

This 1 hour webinar provides detailed information about backup policies in inSync. Topics covered include: backup schedules and exclusions, initial backup optimization, resource settings and backup performance tuning.

inSync: Role based Admin Rights

This 20 minute webinar explains importance and functionality of role based administrator rights in inSync. It gives live demonstration of predefined roles as well as configuration of new ones. The webinar concludes with discussion of best practices of role based administrator implementation.

inSync: Troubleshooting Common issues

In this webinar you will learn how to locate and understand inSync log files on client machine. You will also learn how to analyze and troubleshoot common inSync issues.

inSync: Activate and deploy endpoints using SCCM

This 50 minute webinar focuses on inSync endpoint deployment using SCCM. It gives short review of what SCCM is and how it works. The presenter demonstrates inSync deployment using SCCM and explains how to troubleshoot common issues.

inSync: Integrated Mass Deployment Cached Credential and GUID

This 50 minute webinar describes key components of inSync integrated mass deployment (IMD) and explains how IMD works for Windows and Mac. It also shows common use cases for IMD.

inSync: Integrate with SSO

In this 30 minute webinar you will learn fundamentals of Single Sign On and how to configure it with inSync. You will also see live demo of inSync integration with Okta.

inSync: Backup Cloud Apps

This 45 minute webinar describes the need for backing up data stored by cloud apps. It explains the key features in inSync for cloud apps and shows a live demo of cloud app data backup integration in inSync.

inSync: Use with Mobile Device Management

This 50 minute webinar goes into details of inSync integration with mobile device management (MDM). It explains why MDM is important and how to integrate Airwatch Ace/MobileIron with Druva inSync.

inSync: Device Refresh and OS Migration with Persona Backup

In this 30 minute webinar you will learn what is persona backup and see how to perform persona backup from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

inSync: Reports Standard and Reporting API

This 60 minute webinar explains how to use inSync reports, utilization metrics, monitor and customize your reports through API for integration with third party Reporting/Business Intelligence tools.

inSync: LegalHold – Automate and Centralize Legal Hold Management

Learn when and why you will need to use the legal hold feature within inSync, how it addresses federal rules of civil procedure (FRCP) requirements, how inSync legal hold works and the benefits of inSync’s legal hold capabilities